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Vue Storefront 2 integration

1. Overview

Propeller Commerce provides the GraphQL API which can be hooked to VueStorefront.

Propeller VueStorefront

Propeller VSF monorepo contains three submodules

  1. API-client - low level backend API connector, utilizing Propeller GraphQL API
  2. Composables - reusable business logic
  3. Theme - Nuxt.js-based frontend application

Propeller VSF monorepo

2. Requirements

Node 16+

3. Getting Started

  1. Add Propeller Backend to Vue Storefront
git clone
  1. Install all required dependencies
yarn install
  1. Set backend URL via env variable (or create .env file inside Theme folder)
export PROPELLER_ENDPOINT=PropellerEndpointHere
export PROPELLER_APIKEY=YourPropellerApiKeyHere
  1. Then verify if everything works properly by building all three projects:
yarn build
  1. If everything is built properly, you can start working on your new frontend with:
yarn dev

NPM packages

Composables: @propeller-commerce/propeller

Api-client: @propeller-commerce/propeller-api

Install Propeller package

npm i @propeller-commerce/propeller

This will also install api-client package as dependency to composables package.