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Propeller Headless Commerce

We are developing the Propeller Headless Commerce Cloud to deliver next gen B2B commerce experiences. The complexity of B2B commerce processes has proven a bridge too far for most e-commerce software vendors, who focus on simpler B2C scenarios.

What's hard about B2B? Think: huge Catalogs combined with (negotiated) 1:1 Pricing and Discount arrangements with Customers. Think: Authorizations, Quotation processes involving reps. Think: integrations with ERP, CRM and Logistics applications.

Built natively on a Graph database and using GraphQL Propeller caters for B2B as well as D2C (B2C) scenarios. Our headless setup allows you to create awesome Commerce experiences.

Propeller Headless Commerce

B2B commerce has evolved beyond a single digital channel. In order to engage with your customers you need to be where they are and this means providing hyper-personalized experiences for websites, webshops, social media and in-store interactions.

Propeller allows you to connect multiple channels through our GraphQL API so you have access to all data in each channel. Removing the need to replicate data, increasing speed and consistency.

Our build in campaign manager allows you to create 1:1 personalized emails for customers, with their products and their prices. And since we have the complete order history as well: based on their preferences. Propeller is in essence a Customer Data Platform on steroids. We integrate with any email marketing platform.

Powered by GraphQL

Front ends are powered using our GraphQL API that delivers all data and information in a single request reducing latency and creating personalized experiences that are lightning fast. In the diagram below you can see how Propeller would integrate into your website. You can use any CMS you like.

Propeller powered by GraphQL